Parliamentary Elections on The Daily Debate on Nile TV

الخميس, 08 ديسمبر 2011

Rushing back from Port Said the day after the first round of the 2011 Parliamentary elections in which as a witness to the election in that small but important city now had some facts gathered about what had taken place.

We had been observing the counting process until past 2 in the morning and then met to review the observations made over the previous two days and prepare a report. We got back to our hotel around 7 in the morning. Rested four hours and jumped into the car and began the long trip back to Cairo.

At the time, was still in the process of formulating an overall opinion of the elections. Still hadn't heard what had gone on in other parts of Egypt.

An invitation arrived to participate on Nile TV in a program called the Daily Debate. Video excerpt of the first portion of the program is embedded below. The full program is available here.

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