Witness at Ashtom Al Jameel Secondary School polling station in Port Said

الخميس, 08 ديسمبر 2011

At the Ashtom Al Jameel Secondary School on the first evening of voting saw a small number of women standing outside a window and advising the women voting inside. Judge allowed this saying that she was an old woman and had difficulty voting.

Women at window outside of polling place "assisting" voters

Entered school that had 3 polling places. Counted 75 in line at one of them. Election monitors were able to take pictures and video at 2 of 3 of the polling places. At the second station, spoke with one of the judges, Mohamed Salama about being granted access at some places and not others. Was told that it was entirely up to the discretion of the judge at each voting location.

Judge said he was tired exhausted up for 48 hours and a lot of old women and illiterate women asking for whom they should vote. At one of the polling places saw campaign literature left in the polling booth. At two locations saw a window open with people advising a voter on the other side as they prepared their ballot.

Women showing their inked fingers after voting

At the school between polling places took pictures of women who had voted. Believed to have seen two who had ink on more than one finger. Christina photographed one of the women with ink on two fingers.

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